Golf Shoe Reviews 2014 – Top 10 Golf Shoes You Need To Read About

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crocs golf shoes 2014

Every year, the golfing fraternity is treated to new releases of golfing shoes. Also, various golf shoe reviews are done on the shoes. Well, this year is no different. Actually, it seems that the manufacturers have upped the stakes. The shoes have become more versatile, more user-friendly, more elegant, and much more. This goes a long way in improving the game. Selecting a good shoe for golf has become more challenging thanks to the many reputable brands. Nonetheless, the top 10 golf shoes in 2014 are as follows:

10. ECCO BIOM Hybrid

This shoe is well suited for people who want to the wear the same shoe on the golf course and off the course. Half the shoe is manufactured from leather while the other half is made from synthetic material. This makes the shoe quite light and also comfortable. Another positive feature about the shoe is its affordable pricing which certainly compliments its hybrid nature. However, the shoe comes in limited sizes considering no half-steps are available. Finding the right fit may prove to be a challenge. You can read a full review of the ECCO BIOM Hybrid right here

9. Footjoy XPS-1

For quite some time Footjoy has been offering some good golfing shoes. The XPS-1 has certainly kept-up with the tradition. This shoe comes with very soft and smooth leather thus making the footwear light on the foot. The shoe also features a gel lining that goes around the ankles. This minimizes the discomfort or irritation that is experienced when making a swing. Besides offering a large surface contact for added stability, the XPS-1 is also waterproof. You will be able to hit your golf balls a lot straighter with this shoe.

8. ASICS GEL-Ace Tour

For many decades, Asics has always been rated among the top brands when it comes to sporting shoes. Well, they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. According to golf shoe reviews, their 2014 Asics Gel Ace Tour is considered as one of the best mid range shoes in the market. The spiked soles provide great stability and flexibility whether walking or swinging the club. The shoe also comes with a special fabric that is not only durable but also resistant to water. There is also a gel lining/ cushioning for added comfort.

7. Adidas Crossflex

The Adidas Crossflex is said to be among the most versatile golf shoes in the market currently. It is a good shoe for any golfer looking for great athletic performance. It comes with a breathable material which is also light-in-weight. The design as well as material also makes the shoe very flexible. Besides being comfortable, the material is also resistant against water. The above features help in reducing fatigue while increasing the energy levels.

6. Allen Edmonds Honors

By simply looking at the Allen Edmonds Honors, one can clearly tell that this shoe is meant for the more serious golfer. It comes with long and sturdy spikes to provide a good traction on the course. The shoe also comes with an eye-catching design that symbolizes high fashion. They feature a very durable material that will see you through many golf sessions. Unfortunately, the price for this shoe is beyond reach for the average golfer.

5. Ecco Golf Street Textile

The Ecco Golf Street Textile is a midrange shoe that can be worn on or off the course. Despite lacking any spikes the shoes provides a fairly good grip on the course. They are made from a breathable fabric that allows good ventilation especially in those sunny days or tense moments. You will therefore be guaranteed of dry feet always. The price of the shoe is also quite reasonable. Actually, many golf shoe reviews give it a thumbs up for being among the most affordable.

4. PUMA Amp

PUMA Amp comes with spikes that can be replaced. This gives you the option to change the spikes as per your liking. The spikes also improve the traction thus offering you a solid grounding during the game. The PUMA Amp comes with waterproof material as well as cushioning in various regions for more comfort. The shoe also features a wide heel for maximum support. However, the toe region is a bit narrow thus may take a while to break-in. Puma also makes high quality golf bags. You can read some Puma Golf Bag Reviews on if you are in the market for a golf bag as well.

3. Nike Air Zoom TW 2012

Anyone looking for a strong and solid golf shoe will feel right at home with the Nike Air Zoom- TW 2012. The shoe is fully meant for the course and comes with long and sturdy spikes to provide you with the much needed footing. This will allow you make a strong swing without the fear of skidding or loosing balance. The funky design makes the shoe quite appealing. Though quite solid, the shoe is quite pricey for many golfers. Besides footwear, Nike Golf Balls are very popular. Everything Nike makes in the golf industry is very high quality.

2. True Linkswear True tour

The first thing you’ll notice about the True Linkswear True tour is the thin sole. Going by several golf shoe reviews 2014, the sole is two times thinner than the average golf shoe. Though being the thinnest sole, it offers you tremendous grip as well as good stability.The shoe comes with a broader front which offers good flexibility and movement for the toe. The material is quite flexible and will take the strain during the swings. Its price also scores amongst the lowest.

1. Adidas Adicross

The Adidas Adicross tops the list for being one of the lightest golf shoes. In fact, many people claim that they feel as if they aren’t wearing any shoes. It also has one of the best grip thanks to its 124 traction nodules. No matter how hard you swing you will still maintain your footing. Adidas incorporated a synthetic cap for the toe so as to reduce the likelihood of scuffing. The shoe is also the cheapest among the top ten shoes featured in this list. Keep in mind that Adidas also makes golf bags. Adidas Golf Bags are very high rated, just like their shoes.

Well, there you have it; the finest 10 golf shoes in 2014. One thing to note is that rating the shoe is becoming more difficult. The various brands are at par in many aspects. These include the price, versatility, comfort and satisfaction among other factors. All-in-all, the Adidas Adicross is without a doubt the best golfing shoe this year. This is also clearly demonstrated in different golf shoe reviews. It offers a more solid footing, it is much lighter than the other shoes, and is also suitable outside the golf course.

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